Pizza Flavors To Try

People around the world love pizza. What is not to love with pizza? Of course, there is nothing. Even picky eaters love to devour the cheesy pizza. Nowadays, there are various pizza toppings to choose from. It usually starts with cheese and from there, you can have whatever your heart desires. You can make your own pizza or order it from restaurants. But wherever you go, choosing which pizza toppings you should have is a long process. Here are the must try pizza flavors for every food lovers. Check out the resources below:


The bacon pizza at pizza restaurants is one of the easiest and delicious pizza to do. It has cooked strip bacon, pepperoni, and cheese on it. In buying bacon pizzas, make sure that it is crisp. You don’t want your bacon to become too soft in the cheese and sour cream sauce.


Another must-try is the Chicken pizza. It has sausage, cheese, red bell pepper, and slices of chicken. Put some spices on it and you will surely enjoy pizza like never been before! You can also buy this in an Italian restaurant or Italian bars and enjoy with your loved ones!

Hawaiian Pizza

The Hawaiian pizza is a type of pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, and pineapples on it. Other versions may include peppers, pepperoni, or mushrooms. This pizza is very popular in Australia pizza restaurants in 1999. Though many people don’t like pineapples in their food, many are still going crazy with the Hawaiian pizza!


The mushroom pizza in an Italian restaurant is a perfect breakfast meal. It contains healthy and earthy toppings on it. This type of pizza contains fresh tomatoes, dry oregano, basil, mushrooms, and some paprika to taste. The spices combined smells and taste good. Every bite feels like the heaven opened due to its goodness. The mushroom pizza has 1,519 calories. It has a thin yet crispy crust which is perfect for people of all ages.


One of the classic pizzas is the Pepperoni. If you are in doubt in choosing which toppings to have, you can never go wrong with the pepperoni pizza. This pizza has pepperoni toppings which are made of cured beef and pork mixed together. It has chili pepper or paprika plus mozzarella cheese to make it palatable to customers.

Sausage Pizza

Some people like to have mild pizza while others like it to be extra spicy. The Sausage pizza is one of the favorites of many people. This pizza has onions, mushrooms, spicy sausage, and cheese on it. Add it with green pepper and surely you will love to enjoy your sausage pizza! In a nutshell, pizza is one of the most loved foods of people. Every bite brings excitement to each diner. As such, make sure to remember the pizza toppings above so you don’t have to waste your time in choosing the flavor to order in a restaurant.

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