High Tea Catering Service

High tea is basically a meal is offered at late afternoon or in early evening. The items available in this meal generally comprise of food as something fried, cooked food, butter, bread and tea. It is now become a trend or fashion that people are used to throw high tea parties. Some people may think for this party that type of dress is needed and how should we dressed up. For high tea parties daily simple day dress suits well as it is a simple sitting on easy chairs and a time of discussion if required or planned.

Traditionally high tea was a working class meal which was served on high tables round about 5:00 PM. It includes baked beans and cheesy casseroles, vegetables such as potatoes and onion cakes, fish such as pickled salmon which is very spicy, baked dishes and different dishes of meat. The tea presented along with this tea is of different types. Cream tea is presented which is a combination of tea and cream, sometimes strawberries are added to the cream tea to make it strawberry cream it which is taken at high tea. If sweeter is added to cream tea then it is termed as light tea. If finger sandwiches are taken with light tea then it is termed as full tea.

High tea is of different types such as mini high tea and classic high tea. The difference between them is the availability of items, in mini high tea you get a small quantity and in classical high tea the quantity of items increase as per their prices. As the saying is there “The better you pay the better you get”.

buffetexpress is a creative caterer and event manager especially for high tea. According to their menu they provide canapes, bowl food, buffets, bespoken dining, barbecue, drinks, street food. There are also many companies which focus on high tea and food required on high tea. Stamford Catering is a high tea catering service which provides halal high tea packages along with buffets, party packages and sweets. Orange Clove Catering is another high tea catering service which deals with half day seminars and provide cocktail buffets. They provide all the items required for high tea menu. They are renowned for its delicious deserts. They have menu for all the four Seasons including deserts, fried fish, cooked food and all types of tea. If you are planning for a party or catering service then buffet express is an ideal for you because of its variety of menu and dishes.

High tea catering can be done as a top rated corporate catering in Sydney. It depends on the time. If the event is of evening hen high tea is served first and then meal is provided. Along with this some high teas may include coffee which is arranged with the help of coffee cart hire.

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